Recent movie release, "Blade Runner 2049" - The sequel to "Blade Runner", an influence of this blog.

The Machine Runner: Blade Runner 2049 Trivia Contest


Recent movie release, "Blade Runner 2049" - The sequel to "Blade Runner", an influence of this blog.

Recent movie release, “Blade Runner 2049” – The sequel to “Blade Runner”, an influence of this blog.

We here at ‘The Machine Runner’ (A Repair Zone Blog), are big fans of the original Blade Runner movie (It may have influenced the naming of our blog, shhhhhh!).  In commemorating the release of the sequel, Blade Runner 2049, we are running a trivia contest where you could be the winner of a $50 or $25 Amazon gift card, IF you can answer these 8 questions correctly about the original movie, Blade Runner:

1.  The chess game between Tyrell and Sebastian uses the conclusion of the most brilliant chess match ever.  What are the names of the two chess players in this ‘immortal match?”

Start-up procedure for Fanuc Alpha servo amplifiers.

Start-Up Procedure for Fanuc Servo Amplifier (Alpha Series) – Overview

Here is a quick guide overview to start your Fanuc Alpha servo amplifier after it has been replaced, removed, or repaired in your machine.  This is an excerpt from the official Fanuc maintenance manual.  For all Alpha Series Control Motor Amplifiers (servo amplifier units  A06B-6089-H*** and  A06B-6090-H***).

(NOTE: When maintaining or inspecting the servo amplifiers, keep the power supply switched off. Also, make sure that the “CHARGING” LED (red) beside the circuit breaker on the front panel of the servo amplifier is off as well.)


Do Your Servo Motors Look Like This: A Case for Standard Reconditioning

How Standard Reconditioning can vastly decrease the odds of a catastrophic breakdown

The machine environment can be a caustic one, with all kinds of opportunity for contamination to spew onto a servo motor.  Though your system and servo’s may be running fine, it’s only a matter of time before a buildup of contaminates (such as cutting fluids and metal shavings) will eventually creep inside the bearings and the stator and make a motor vulnerable to a catastrophic breakdown.  Contamination in the encoder and brake assembly due to improper maintenance is also common.