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Proven Cost Savings


Here at Repair Zone we aim high to satisfy our customers. When you purchase a product or service through Repair Zone our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Repairs allow our customers to hold on to existing equipment longer, thus stretching their initial investment even further as opposed to re-tooling their machines. For example, a 10 to 15 year-old Allen Bradley 1391 Series drive shows superior up-time versus a newer model. Replacing with new can be postponed until well into the future. With the particular model in this example, the newer drive has required far more repairs than the older drive, and the older drive may show a steady or even decreasing frequency of failure with a  decrease in maintenance costs.

We are very price-conscious while pricing each product or service we offer. We want to ensure our customers are receiving our products and services for the best price possible. We compare past  prices to calculate an

Why Do We Clean Drives? What Are The Benefits?

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Many environments are not ideal for precision servo electronics and automation components. Industries such as: Automotive, wood working, plastic plants, water treatment or water associated facilities, and many more, contain small particles of grease, oil, dust, moisture, and all other particulates in the air and surrounding areas. These particles are contaminates and will find their way into your drive.

Most cooling systems are broad systems within the drives. A  fan(s) will be blowing the hot air off of the driver circuits and boards in a broad fashion. As the fans blow, the contaminants are blown across all the critical areas of the drive.

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Repair Zone- Competitive Analysis

contaminates on drives

The Repair Zone team was curious of the quality of services provided by other companies compared to the quality we provide here at Repair Zone. We recently sent out a Fanuc Amplifier for repair to one of our top competitors. Included with the  return of our Fanuc Amplifier was a detailed repair work report.

They Listed:

  • 19 capacitors replaced
  • unit cleaned
  • fuse replaced
  • integrated circuit

Repair Zone Specialists reviewed and checked the equipment and found: