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Start-up procedure for Fanuc Alpha servo amplifiers.

Start-Up Procedure for Fanuc Servo Amplifier (Alpha Series) – Overview

Here is a quick guide overview to start your Fanuc Alpha servo amplifier after it has been replaced, removed, or repaired in your machine.  This is an excerpt from the official Fanuc maintenance manual.  For all Alpha Series Control Motor Amplifiers (servo amplifier units  A06B-6089-H*** and  A06B-6090-H***).

(NOTE: When maintaining or inspecting the servo amplifiers, keep the power supply switched off. Also, make sure that the “CHARGING” LED (red) beside the circuit breaker on the front panel of the servo amplifier is off as well.)

Recent Job Report #4 -FANUC Alpha i Series AC Servo Motor Repair

Fanuc A06B-0265-B102

Here is a Fanuc Alpha i servo motor ready for assembly.

Repair Zone has been seeing an influx of newer generation Fanuc Alpha i Series servo motors and drives coming in for repair.  An Aerospace parts manufacturer in California sent us this Fanuc A06B-0265-B102 Alpha i servo motor for evaluation because it was increasingly noisey.  In our initial evaluation,

Quick Guide for Fanuc System Troubleshooting: Is it the Cable, the Amplifier, or the Servo Motor

Checking a Fanuc system to find out why it is faulting.

Finding fault with a Fanuc servo system

When your CNC machine outfitted with Fanuc system stops working, the person running it or maintenance personal must quickly figure out the root-cause and then formulate a plan to get the machine running again.  Seems simple, but rarely is it simple or easy.

Being a Fanuc repair facility, a common happening is that we will get a Fanuc motor or amplifier in for service, then go through our process to evaluate and we find out: the unit runs fine.

Your Options For Failed Allen Bradley Equipment: Repair, New, or Surplus


When your Allen Bradley equipment fails you have options.  You can choose to purchase the Allen Bradley equipment new from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), have the equipment repaired, or buy surplus.

There are many advantages to having your Allen Bradley equipment repaired versus buying new from the OEM, or purchasing surplus inventory.

Purchasing from OEM:

  • Many Allen Bradley series have been deemed obsolete and the OEM may no longer support your series
  • High expense
  • May need to replace entire system which can be costly
  • Long lead times can lead to lengthy downtime for your machine

Drive Cabinet Air Condition fan contamination due to lack of filters. Cooling fan failures followed by drive failure due to overheat condition.

2 Reasons Why Your CNC Machine Will Break Down

By Jade York with Jonathan VanDenboom

The very nature of a CNC machine suggests an environment that can be harmful to itself and cause its own demise: Lots of lubricants and cutting fluids, oil, metal shavings, dirt and dust, etc. are everywhere.  Sound extreme?  Well, it is, and a recent visit to a manufacturing facility confirmed a long known fact: If not properly maintained, CNC and other machinery will fail sooner than later.

Six Predictions for Manufacturing in 2015


Manufacturing is predicted to grow in 2015 thanks to an improved economy and the lower costs of reshoring; an increase in big data and predictive maintenance technologies are also expected. See 6 key manufacturing trends for 2015.

John Zegers

Even though manufacturing in America has undergone some woeful changes, there’s good news to share. The lower costs associated with reshoring are driving more local manufacturing activity; technological developments are drastically changing the way plants operate; and capital investments are on the rise. Six trends about manufacturing in 2015 follow.

Job Report #3- Fanuc Spindle Power Supply

contaminated power supply

We received a Fanuc Spindle Power Supply Module for repair.  From the looks of it, this power supply seems un-repairable and should be thrown away due to the vast amount of contamination and debris.  It has been denigrated by its hostile environment; the cause can be as simple as a lack of maintenance and cleaning.  In some machines, however, cleaning is not possible.

The pictorial below follows Adam, a Fanuc repair specialist at Repair Zone, on his way through this sticky repair.  See if he can save this power supply, and the customer!

Case Study: Indramat Servo Motor Repair

Indramat servo for blog

Successful Indramat servo motor repair

Repair Zone received an Indramat servo motor for repair, in which the customer did not provide details of any issues.  The first thing our technicians did was meg test the coils to make sure the motor wasn’t grounded.  Next, the brake torque was checked and  a failure occurred, it wouldn’t release.  This possibly needed replacement.

Jason then disassembled the entire unit, and checked the encoder to make sure it was viable and functioning correctly.  The encoder was checked on a testing stand and we found no issues going through its rotations.

Recent Job Report #2- ALLEN BRADLEY 1391 AC Servo Controller Repair


Last week, we received in an Allen Bradley 1391B-AA45 AC servo controller for repair.  We have repaired hundreds of these units and have a high rate of success.  This customer, in the automotive industry, said they needed it back in a week, if that was possible.  We had it back to them in 3 days.  We cleaned and baked unit, replaced fan and several components at the board level and more.  If you need a repair of your servo drive or other automation equipment, please call 1(888) 706-5263 for immediate service.  To browse our inventory, go to www.repairzone.com  Enjoy!

pic2- cropped                     pic3

Very contaminated Allen Bradley servo controller.   Technician Adam H. removes logic board

                                                                                   during disassemble.

pic4-cropped   pic5-cropped

Job Report #1-Fanuc Servo Spindle Motor Modification

spindle job 1

A customer shipped us this Fanuc Spindle Motor for repair and modification, to fit their application.  Jason, the lead Servo Technician at Repair Zone, had to fully disassemble and machine a keyway into the shaft.  Also, he had to machine the end bells and put new bearings on this unit.  Below is the pictorial of the process that took place, which included our machining center lending a hand.  (Above: Heating speed sensor ring for removal during disassembly)