Identify the Servo Component and Win a Prize!

Mystery Image Contest

Can you guess what piece of servo equipment this is?

The Contest is now CLOSED! Thank you to all who participated!

Do you know what the image above depicts? First person who leaves the correct answer in our comment section wins a $15 Amazon Gift Card. Every person who submits a correct answer will receive a Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlight.

Leave us your answer in the comment section with the manufacturer and type of servo equipment. Choose your answer from the selections below (e.g. Answer: 1. Allen Bradley, E. Servo Power Supply).

1. Allen Bradley A. Servo Amplifier
2. Fanuc B. Servo Controller
3. Indramat C. Servo Motor
4. Xycom D. Servo Drive
5. Siemens E. Servo Power Supply




Hurry and be the first person to leave the correct comment and win a $15 Amazon Gift Card and a Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlight. If you are not the first, you still get a Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlight!

We will contact you through your email for your address information to send you your prize.

Note: Only one entry per person. Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlights for every correct answer while supplies last.

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  1. Congatulations to Jenna! She was the first person to answer the contest post correctly and won the $15 Amazon Gift Card and Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlight.

    Keep submitting your answers, you can still win a Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlight!

  2. Thanks to all who participated in the contest, and congratulations to Jenna and Don Fitchett for submitting the correct answers!!!

    The contest is now closed!

  3. Indramat servo controller, looks older than ours!

  4. I have read your blog and really like the content, keep up the posts as I will be back.

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