Top 5 Fault Codes for Indramat TVD Servo Power Supply

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Indramat AC Servo Power Supply: TVD1.2-50

Over the years, RepairZone technicians have seen many different reasons for Indramat Power Supply failures, especially TVD Series, but some Failure codes are seen far more often. Some of these issues can be a simple quick fix, and some may need a technician to conduct serious inquiries:

Digital Power Supply Display:

1.  TÜ


-No fault

-Equipment temperature  is too high, if the drive load is not reduced the system will shut down.

Possible Solution:

When our technicians see this code it is usually a simple fix, it is usually because the unit is not plugged in correctly. So check your plugs first.

LED Diagnostic Displays:

Please Note: Diagnostic displays are only valid if lamp,,24V, plus/minus 15V” is completely lit up.

2.   AUX. VOLT (Green fault light off)


-Surcan doesn’t have Auxiliary mains power to run interface card.

-Supply Module fuses defective

Possible Solution:

Drives will continue only as long as there is sufficient power in the link circuit. Check fuses, the connection and the controller. Do not run drives for longer periods of time at full load because the fan switched off.

3.   EARTH CON. (Red fault light on)


-Ground leak in supply module, power wiring, motor, motor cable or drive module.

Possible Solution:

First you will want to isolate it to be sure the fault is in the drive, not the motor or cable. If it happens to be a ground leak that item will need to be replaced.

4. Tacho (Green fault light off)


-Faulty connection or break in the motor feedback cable

-Excessive motor speed

-Motor feedback defective

-Servo drive module defective

-Fault in BLC signals

Possible Solution:

Check the connections and replace.

5. BS (Red fault light on)


-Drawing excessive current and the unit will shut down

-Short-circuit or ground leak in cable or connection

-short circuit or ground fault in motor

Possible Solution:  

Hit the reset key once, if the fault does not occur again immediately DO NOT repeatedly hit the reset key as it may cause further damage to motor and drive modules. If reset does not work you may need to replace the cable, drive module, or the servo motor.

If you still need help with your Indramat power supply or other Indramat product, feel free to call RepairZone at (989)922-0043 or to view our complete Indramat repair capabilities or to start a repair, click the appropriate button below:

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  1. We have a system controlled by Rexroth İndramat DKR03.1-W200N drive, at first everything is normal and İndramat at “bb” position, When the push start the machine, İndramat very very smal time giving E204 error and stoping the machine and then passing “bb” position again,
    What can be cause this problem? and What can be do for solving?
    Please reply me because I need help urgently and I don”t have any idea for solving
    good evening to everybody

  2. Hello,
    It looks like the E204 error is a problem with the SERCOS system. Quite possibly a break in the fiber optic cable.

    204 SERCOS Ring was disconnected
    The SERCOS ring was disconnected before a shutdown error was
    cleared. The ring is now initialized. This message allows detection of an
    intermittent break in the fiber optic ring.
    1. To continue, activate the clear input.
    2. If error continues, replace fiber optic cable.
    3. Ensure that the DSS card address is properly selected and has not

    Jeff Migut
    Electronics Lab Supervisor

  3. Hello Jeff,
    At first thanks a lot your reply

    Maybe fiber optic ring can be broken but any driver elements on the Sercos ring don””””t have any fiber optic ring error or any other error and all drivers “bb” position
    İf broken fiber ring should be give always error indicate ??? Only my idea and very very very a smal time giving e204 and sudenly changing normal “bb” position I didn””””t understand; due to fiber optic fault can sercos ring behave?
    But can the problem be from fiber optic beam supply? But Why do interrupt the beam exactly when the driver give output? I don””””t know my head very confused
    I changed the driver replace with new one but gave the same error new one too and replaced driver DSS card with new one but didn””””t happen any change
    And also checked all drivers adresses and all correct
    I wonder the problem can be motor encoder?
    Please can you give me more information and comments?
    Best regards

  4. Hi Yunus,
    I believe with the fiber optics being connected in series, you will only get the fault on the drive that has the issue. Make sure that there are no breaks in the fiber optic transmit and receive cables also be sure that they are connected to the proper terminal. The transmit should go to the receive on the following drive and vice versa. It is common to have the tips of the fiber optic cable to have fractures but not be broken all the way through. This type of problem is very difficult to diagnose without being on site at your facility.

    Jeff Migut
    Electronics Lab Supervisor

  5. Hi Emily,

    We use WordPress for this blog. Easy to use and lots of great features. Good luck!

    Jade York

  6. Hi

    I am having a slight issue with an Indramat drive unit. Once i apply the button to start the drive motor it cuts out and causes the ‘BS’ indicator to flash red continuously on the drive unit.

    Can i please have some advice on what could be causing the problem?
    I presume this be a short circuit but not sure as to whether this could be within the motor or drive unit?

    Thanks in adance

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for your question. Here is what Adam, our Indramat drive specialist, has to say:

      “The BS indicator on the indramat drive is labeled in the manual as a Bus Short. Your DC bus is either shorted or part of the monitoring circuit to watch the levels is dramatically malfunctioning, which isn’t uncommon in those units across the board. It could also be a symptom of a bad output and the DC bus will run right to the IGBT which would also throw that fault. But that is, if not 100%, definitely a contributing factor to why you cannot get your enable signal. It it stuck in a safety lock out basically and until your problem is corrected, it shouldn’t let you enable and run anything. To add to that comment, this is a feature you want working because if there is a bad short circuit anywhere, allowing to enable may cause catastrophic damage to the unit, potentially past the point of any kind of repair. If you have the equipment in house, I would recommend swapping for another unit of the same model number to verify that your problem is in the drive, and not something from the motor or power supply throwing that fault.”

      I hope this is a help for you. If you need further assistance, or would like to send a unit in for evaluation, please call (989)922-0043 or go to

      Take care Ben!

      Jade York
      Repair Zone

  7. I also have a small panel with 5 indicators which i believe all need to be on.
    – E-Stop
    – Prog Enable
    – Axis Enable
    – Feed Angle
    – Pause – Off
    I cant seem to get the axis enabled indicator to light up, would this have any relevance to the drive fault im experiencing ? Thanks again

    • Ben,

      Please see my response to your first question!

      Thanks and have a great one!

      Jade York

  8. We don’t have any spare units in-house so have sent both the unit and motor out for testing.
    Thankyou very much for the advice.

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