Lifespan of a Servo Motor

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There is no specific time table for the lifespan of any servo motor. In ideal conditions a servo motor can last 20+ years, and under extreme conditions can last less than one year.  Most OEM (original equipment manufacturers) contribute the lifespan of their servo motors to the lifespan of the bearings.

Some of the OEMs have listed bearing lifespans (if properly lubricated) at:

Indramat: 30,000 working hours

Allen Bradley: 20,000 working hours

Yaskawa: s 20,000 working hours

Siemens: 20,000 working hours

Many variables can affect the lifespan of a servo motor.  The lifespan can vary significantly depending on the application and type of environment it is used in.   All components of a servo motor are subject to mechanical wear or deterioration over time.

Application parameters effects:

  • The lower the speed the lower input power is needed and the longer the motor will last.  Some motor models are rated for lower speeds but input power is still comparable.
  • Torque
  • higher duty cycle shorter the lifespan

Environmental conditions:

  • Moisture/condensation
  • contaminants- dust, oil, grease, etc.
  • extreme heat
  • vibration
  • improper installation
  • poor maintenance

If you are hearing an unusual noise or if there is a vibration, it is a sign your equipment needs to be serviced.  When having your equipment repaired at Repair Zone, worn or damaged components are replaced with new so you will see very little difference in the lifespan of a repaired motor versus new.  You will also save up to 70% by choosing repair or 50% by choosing a re-manufactured servo motor.

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