Top 5 Strategies to Keep Your Machinery Up and Running

Servo System Equipment

Find out how to keep your servo equipment up and running!

(1) Keep it Clean!!!

The most important strategy to keep your servo motors and industrial electronics running is keeping your servo motors and industrial electronics clean.

The filters, fans and heatsinks are the areas that require the most cleaning, because the filters, fans, and heatsinks are the most common fail points in your automation equipment due to the areas becoming clogged with oil mist and dust.

The heatsink, which its purpose is to draw heat away from the servo automation equipment, can cause overheating if it becomes clogged. When the automation equipment overheats, this can cause stress on the component and machinery, and eventually, the IGBT will blow up.

If you keep your machinery clean, your automation equipment components will have a longer life and less frequently require repair.

(2) Have a Backup Plan

  • The Ideal Backup Plan. Ideally you would have a backup automation equipment component for each of your servo components (e.g. servo motor, servo amplifier, servo drive, power supply, and monitor); because, when your servo system components break down, you want to decrease downtime as much as possible. The longer your machinery is down, the more time and money you will lose.
  • Backup the Problem Areas. However, you may not have the budget to have a backup for each servo component, so if you are aware of what automation equipment components have the most breakdowns, you should at least purchase a backup for the main problem components.
  • Source the Company. If you do not want to purchase a backup until your item fails, make sure to source a company that carries your item before the item fails and get a quote, so when your item breaks down, you will decrease your downtime.See if Repair Zone has the item you need, or let us know what you might need in the future.Call us at (888) 706-5263.
  • Cost Effective Exchange. Another quick and cost effective way to obtain new or remanufactured servo equipment is through exchange. Purchase the servo system component you need, and send your broken component in to Repair Zone. Once we receive your item you will receive money back from your sent in item (unless your item is in extremely poor condition).Again source the company that carries your item before the item fails. Check out the Repair Zone exchange process.

(3) Run at Correct Capacity

If you are running over the rated output capacity of your servo system component, your component will overheat, which can lead to your automation equipment needing a repair.

When your automation equipment components overheat, it can cause stress on your components as well as your machine overall.

The main outcome when your automation equipment components overheat is the IGBT’s blow up, and if the IGBT’s extensively blow up, the base driver boards, control boards, and etc. can be damaged as well.

(4) Stay on Top of Preventative Maintenance

Make sure you are having preventative maintenance work done on each servo component; this will give your components a longer life and decrease the frequency of repairs and purchases.

One way Repair Zone prevents your servo equipment from future issues is we always replace all components in the servo equipment that show any signs of aging and common fail points (e.g. capacitors and fans) during repair.

(5) Place a Repair Company on Speed Dial (i.e. Repair Zone)

Find a company [Repair Zone] that can repair your automation equipment components before your components breakdown, and put the repair company [Repair Zone] on speed dial. When and if your servo components breakdown, you will have one last thing to worry about and decrease your downtime.

Repair Zone | Phone: (989) 922-0043

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