10 Reasons To Buy Re-manufactured

Servo Motors, drives amplifiers, HMI

Remanufactured automation components, for CNC and other applications, cost less than half of new.

1. Save Money- Purchasing your unit new can be costly, but when you purchase your unit re-manufactured you can save 50-75% or more.  The main components are reused therefore it does not cost the manufacturer to develop the initial product. For example, It’s less expensive to replace a bad motor in a vehicle rather than to replace the whole vehicle right? When you get the new motor in, clean the vehicle and replace any worn or damaged components it’s just like you bought a new one isn’t it?

2. Availability- Many industrial electronic components have become obsolete and it may be impossible to find a new unit, most used units can be restored to like new condition. As time passes people tend to upgrade their machinery often, which is nice but not always the best option.

3. Environmentally friendly- Did you know that it takes 80% less energy to re-manufacture versus producing new units? When units are re-manufactured we are conserving raw materials like steel, copper, and aluminum. Re-manufacturing is recycling which keeps them from entering a landfill and prevents contamination from harmful toxins. When a unit is damaged beyond economical repair they can be safely discarded through other companies that find uses for each component of every unit.

4. Quality Assurance- When your unit is re-manufactured it goes through an extensive process. The entire unit is cleaned thoroughly to remove any contaminants, and all worn or damaged components are replaced with new. The unit is then tested to meet standards to ensure like-new quality, so it will actually have a higher value than a typical unit assuring the quality right away.

5. Under Warranty- Repair Zone includes a one year warranty on all thoroughly testable re-manufactured units which ensures customer satisfaction.

6. Like New Condition-The entire unit is cleaned and all worn or damaged units are replaced. Once finished the unit is restored to have the same as new appearance and performance, so you get the best performance for the lowest price.

7. Shorter lead time, many available to ship today-  When purchasing a new unit from an OEM lead time can be very lengthy, but when you buy re-manufactured from Repair Zone we get you up and running fast. There are many units available for same day shipping, if your unit is not immediately available there is a short 3-5 day turnaround.

8.Economic Benefits- Re-manufacturing facilities create employment.  Imagine how many employees the 10,000+  American re-manufacturers employ in their 70,000+ firms. This is only in America, what would the world do without the re-manufacturing industry?

9. Last Longer– Many older servo motors and industrial electronics have proven their endurance compared to newer models.  Older units tend to run for a longer period of time in harsh conditions, and when they do break down, they can be repaired and put back in a machine and run with further longevity.  It is also rare that they are damaged beyond economical repair.

10. Avoid High Replacement Costs and the unknown- Chances are if you are questioning purchasing re-manufactured units your specific unit has become obsolete. When units become obsolete you may have no choice but to purchase entirely new equipment, or purchase your unit re-manufactured. Purchasing new equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars and it may be of poor quality compared to your prior equipment. The new equipment may not have been on the market long enough to be informed of potential issues with the specific model in question.

Lastly, Repair Zone is a leader in Re-manufactured automation components, with thousands in stock and many Ready to Ship Now.  Call (989)922-0043 to speak to a professional service person.


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