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Case Study: Indramat Servo Motor Repair

Indramat servo for blog

Successful Indramat servo motor repair

Repair Zone received an Indramat servo motor for repair, in which the customer did not provide details of any issues.  The first thing our technicians did was meg test the coils to make sure the motor wasn’t grounded.  Next, the brake torque was checked and  a failure occurred, it wouldn’t release.  This possibly needed replacement.

Jason then disassembled the entire unit, and checked the encoder to make sure it was viable and functioning correctly.  The encoder was checked on a testing stand and we found no issues going through its rotations.

Recent Job Report #2- ALLEN BRADLEY 1391 AC Servo Controller Repair


Last week, we received in an Allen Bradley 1391B-AA45 AC servo controller for repair.  We have repaired hundreds of these units and have a high rate of success.  This customer, in the automotive industry, said they needed it back in a week, if that was possible.  We had it back to them in 3 days.  We cleaned and baked unit, replaced fan and several components at the board level and more.  If you need a repair of your servo drive or other automation equipment, please call 1(888) 706-5263 for immediate service.  To browse our inventory, go to www.repairzone.com  Enjoy!

pic2- cropped                     pic3

Very contaminated Allen Bradley servo controller.   Technician Adam H. removes logic board

                                                                                   during disassemble.

pic4-cropped   pic5-cropped