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New vs. Remanufactured


Although it is not the case, people naturally tend to perceive re-manufactured products as having a shorter life span, which prevents many from purchasing re-manufactured. When equipment is re-manufactured or refurbished to factory specs they cost less and work just as well as new equipment. A new replacement from an OEM is costly and can take several weeks. Ever asked an OEM for a quote or lead-time?

Re-manufacturing is a process that skilled technicians perform in order to restore a product to its like-new condition.

Lifespan of a Servo Motor

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There is no specific time table for the lifespan of any servo motor. In ideal conditions a servo motor can last 20+ years, and under extreme conditions can last less than one year.  Most OEM (original equipment manufacturers) contribute the lifespan of their servo motors to the lifespan of the bearings.

Some of the OEMs have listed bearing lifespans (if properly lubricated) at:

Indramat: 30,000 working hours

Allen Bradley: 20,000 working hours

Warranties Compared


Most industrial electronics manufacturers/suppliers offer some sort of warranty to guarantee their products, but what is the warranty period? We decided to take a look at other industrial electronic suppliers and put their warranty basics in one place for you.

Repair Zone – 1 year

Repair Zone’s re-manufactured and surplus equipment is guaranteed to be in working condition and is warranted for a stated period of time. All warranties are issued by Repair Zone and not the manufacturer.