Allen Bradley Legacy Repair: 9/Series CNC Platform

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8520-PS1A Power supplies can usually be repaired at a fraction of the cost of new, since they are no longer available. In some cases we have seen hybrid IC failures that can ultimately deem the unit unrepairable as these are not available as a replacement component.  Repair Zone has found a way to retrofit these power supplies through a process that has been in the works for 2 years.

8500 Series servo motors can also be repaired relatively inexpensively unless there is an encoder failure. In some cases encoders can cost in upwards of $2.3k. These motors have been obsoleted years ago, parts can become very scarce.

8520 Monitors are great candidates for LCD conversions. When upgraded, these units use considerably less energy and have much less strain on the eyes. LCD’s are brighter, more vivid, and generate less heat than CRT’s.  Many times the buttons need replacing as well.

8520 Drives are open-face style drives in the 9/Series.  The AA21, AA12, and the AA6 are repairable by third party repair house, Repair Zone.

The Allen Bradley 9/Series has been a very reliable CNC automation platforms that still has a pretty large user-base, even after all of these years since its inception.  But, it has also become harder to service and/or get parts for. Repair Zone is one of a very few that stocks parts and can repair and test 9/Series equipment.

Watch an Allen Bradley Repair video, which includes a section on 9/Series controls:

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