Your Options For Failed Allen Bradley Equipment: Repair, New, or Surplus


When your Allen Bradley equipment fails you have options.  You can choose to purchase the Allen Bradley equipment new from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), have the equipment repaired, or buy surplus.

There are many advantages to having your Allen Bradley equipment repaired versus buying new from the OEM, or purchasing surplus inventory.

Purchasing from OEM:

  • Many Allen Bradley series have been deemed obsolete and the OEM may no longer support your series
  • High expense
  • May need to replace entire system which can be costly
  • Long lead times can lead to lengthy downtime for your machine

Purchase surplus:

  • Less expensive
  • Can obtain obsolete models
  • Allows use of older equipment longer
  • Avoid expensive system replacement costs
  • Majority of inventory is used
  • Condition unknown, May need repairs or have worn parts in need of replacement
  • predetermined lifespan has been utilized and remaining is unknown


  • Less expensive
  • All Damaged and worn components are replaced with new parts
  • Support obsolete models
  • Allows use of older equipment longer
  • Avoid expensive system replacement costs
  • When repairing your current equipment, in most cases the software stays the same, so you will not have to reload it.
  • Could be the only option available in some cases
Allen Bradley repair: 1391B-AA45

Allen Bradley 1391B-AA45 test run after repair

Many Allen Bradley Repairs are supported at Repair Zone. Whether they have become obsolete or not, Repair Zone has the ability to perform repairs on Allen Bradley servo motorsdrives, and HMI monitors and touch screens,  in the following series:1326, 1391, 8520 (9 Series), 1392, 1336, 1305, and 1388, 1389 and now 1398.

To initiate an Allen Bradley or other repair, follow the link below:

Start your Repair at RepairZone


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