Backing Up Software Before Repairing Your Servo Drive or Amplifier

parametersTo ensure a quick, successful repair on your equipment, it is advised that you back up your software before sending it out for repair. Backing up your software varies by make and model.

Beneficial for you:

• Your repair expert will not always be able to retain the parameters or software. If a motion control unit has become damaged beyond repair, it is highly likely that the programming will not be able to be retrieved.
• Without a good backup it will be difficult to get the original software or parameters from the machine builder. If you have an older machine or the builder has since gone out of business, there may be no master backup files available.
• In many instances we have seen where operators have mistakenly made parameter changes to machines that were not write protected.
• Having the incorrect software or parameters may cause extensive damage to your equipment.
• Having a good backup makes it easier to exchange suspect components and load parameters to troubleshoot machine problems.
• Over time some files may get corrupted causing equipment to malfunction. If the files are wiped clean and reloaded it could repair your machine without sending the unit in for repair.
• It will be easier to purchase back up units to prevent downtime.

Beneficial for repair experts:

• Easier for the repair experts when setting up and running on test fixtures
• Enables a faster repair not having to document Parameters before setting up to run on test fixture
• In some cases with faulty motion control equipment, technicians have no choice but to wipe the system clean to get past software faults.
• Technicians do not always test equipment with the same exact motor/drive combinations; therefore they may have to load their own parameters.
• Technicians have a lot of interface software but this does not guarantee they will have the specified software for your individual unit.
• In some cases, information may be lost during an extended power down.
• If a mother board or control board needs replaced, it is not guaranteed technicians can transfer your current applications.
• With electronics, there is always the possibility of losing crucial information during the repair. For instance, memory batteries have to be unplugged in order to make repairs.

Make sure you also make a hard copy as a secondary back up.

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