Case Study: Indramat Servo Motor Repair

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Successful Indramat servo motor repair

Repair Zone received an Indramat servo motor for repair, in which the customer did not provide details of any issues.  The first thing our technicians did was meg test the coils to make sure the motor wasn’t grounded.  Next, the brake torque was checked and  a failure occurred, it wouldn’t release.  This possibly needed replacement.

Jason then disassembled the entire unit, and checked the encoder to make sure it was viable and functioning correctly.  The encoder was checked on a testing stand and we found no issues going through its rotations.

Jason noticed the brake was overheated, which caused brake epoxy to get lodged to friction disc.  This is where he found the brake assembly had an open coil. Repair Zone had one in stock, so it was replaced.

All parts were cleaned and prepped for assembly.  Back EMF was checked to make sure magnet strength was sufficient.  (This is usually done before dis-assembly, but the faulty brake wouldn’t allow for a test.)  The Indramat servo motor was assembled with new bearings, seals, and a new brake assembly.  The encoder was re-aligned before run-testing on the Indramat test module for two hours.  The repair was successfully completed and shipped back to the customer.

Our servo motor repair process has a strict set of procedures the gives our technicians efficiency and a clear path to a successful repair.  Servo repair can save thousands of dollars versus buying new, but make sure you send your motor to a service center that follows a standardized procedure.

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