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Indramat HDS drive repair at Repair Zone

Top 5 Error Codes for Indramat Diax04 – HDS Drives: Descriptions and Solutions

Error codes are flashed when there is an issue with your Indramat HDS (Diaxo4) drive.  Error codes are usually 4 digit codes beginning with an E or F.  The following are the most common error codes seen on a faulty Indramat HDS drive, found on Eco-Drives as well:

Indramat HDS drive error codes and repair

Indramat HDS drive system will flash an error code when not working correctly.

#1  Code F208/UL

Description: If a servo motor or a different drive has been changed out for the original unit in the loop, due to troubleshooting or an upgrade.

Solution: This is fairly simple.  After powering up and code is registered, hitting reset on the drive and power supply, then cycle power and unit should be functional.  

Your Options For Failed Allen Bradley Equipment: Repair, New, or Surplus


When your Allen Bradley equipment fails you have options.  You can choose to purchase the Allen Bradley equipment new from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), have the equipment repaired, or buy surplus.

There are many advantages to having your Allen Bradley equipment repaired versus buying new from the OEM, or purchasing surplus inventory.

Purchasing from OEM:

  • Many Allen Bradley series have been deemed obsolete and the OEM may no longer support your series
  • High expense
  • May need to replace entire system which can be costly
  • Long lead times can lead to lengthy downtime for your machine

You’re Not Going To Find More Machinists: 5 Tips to Overcome It (And Increase Your Productivity)

Servo Motor and Electronics Automation

You’re Not Going To Find More Machinists: 5 Tips to Overcome It – By Austin Gooch

Spending every day in machine shops, I get a very close look at what shops have in common and what they don’t. The single greatest deficit is people. While our US economy still marches along with a high unemployment rate, the demand for skilled metalworkers is disproportionately larger than the supply. Without knowledgable metalworkers, parts don’t get programmed and machines don’t get set-up and run. All of this contributes to loss. Lost productivity, lost opportunity and lost wealth for owners and employees. The metalworker’s task is what a machine shop’s customer pays for more than anything else, and that metalworker is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Missing a Number on One of Your Leads?

WYE vs Delta

By looking at the actual configuration and checking for continuity you can have a good idea which number is missing. If #1 and #4 has continuity and you have a 1, you’re missing #4, then we know the one that has continuity with #1 is #4. If you’re missing # 1 and #4 or the two in the same phase then you have to do this completely different.

If you are missing all 9 leads, or 2 #’s in same phase please refer to Repair Zone Learning center videos


Remanufacturing: An Answer to Global Warming

reman glob warm

The process of remanufacturing automotive products conserves energy in the amount of trillions of Btu’s each year. In addition, remanufacturing can greatly mitigate the amount of carbon dioxide expelled into the air known as “greenhouse gas” emissions. The remanufacturing of durable goods including automotive parts is equivalent to about 3% of the sales of original equipment manufacturers. Yet, the effect of this conservation is noteworthy and extremely important to the environment by reducing the rate of global warming.

To describe global warming or the greenhouse effect in very easy terms, understand that carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, ozone and various fluorocarbons are considered greenhouse gases. They are present everywhere in the atmosphere and like glass, they are somewhat transparent to the high intensity radiation of the rays of the sun. That is, the gases allow transmission of the short wavelength of the sun’s energy to the earth’s surface. These gases, however, are opaque to low intensity energy re-radiated from the Earth and they absorb the longer wavelength room temperature radiation. That’s the greenhouse effect.



New vs. Remanufactured


Although it is not the case, people naturally tend to perceive re-manufactured products as having a shorter life span, which prevents many from purchasing re-manufactured. When equipment is re-manufactured or refurbished to factory specs they cost less and work just as well as new equipment. A new replacement from an OEM is costly and can take several weeks. Ever asked an OEM for a quote or lead-time?

Re-manufacturing is a process that skilled technicians perform in order to restore a product to its like-new condition.

Warranties Compared


Most industrial electronics manufacturers/suppliers offer some sort of warranty to guarantee their products, but what is the warranty period? We decided to take a look at other industrial electronic suppliers and put their warranty basics in one place for you.

Repair Zone – 1 year

Repair Zone’s re-manufactured and surplus equipment is guaranteed to be in working condition and is warranted for a stated period of time. All warranties are issued by Repair Zone and not the manufacturer.