Cleaning Heidenhain Linear Scales


Cleaning a Heidenhain scale can look challenging, but with a little guidance you can have your linear scale looking new in no time. Time to clean your Heidenhain scale?

7 steps from the experts:

1. Remove the end caps and slide the  reader head out of the extrusion.

2. Remove the lip seals- Use needle nose pliers to pull them out of the channels in the extrusions,  they are held into place with a little silicone. Clean them with a shop towel and lacquer thinner.

3. Use Clear Windex to spray in on the scale, and wipe of with glasses cleaning paper. Continue this process until your paper comes out without black smears. -If you cant find clear Windex, it is okay to use blue. (TIP: Don’t let it dry, be sure to wipe off the Windex to avoid spots.)

4. Clean the read head glass with same cleaner using q-tips.

5. Once clean and dry replace the seals.

6. Engage the interlocking lips by running a plastic rod through them the length of the extrusion.

7. Re-install the read head and the end caps.

In addition to the routine maintenance and cleaning, you can utilize the air purge option on most scales. In most cases Heidenhain scales will have a threaded hole in one  end, or possibly both. Remove the plug from the hole and install a barbed fitting to accept a regulated air pressure of about 5-10 psi. This will create positive pressure inside of the scale body and limit any contaminants that may enter. This will reduce the frequency of cleaning and limit the chance of a fatal contamination.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 989-922-0043.  To view our Heidenhain Linear Scales in stock, click here:

Heidenhain Linear Scales


RepairZone can also assist in the repair of your linear scale.  When a linear scale comes in for repair, we perform a full service re-man on every unit.  Our repair process includes realigning, testing, and cleaning as well as replacing any lipseals, lubing the bearings and/or changing out opt transistors.  Follow this link to start your repair today.

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