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How Many times have you looked at the front of a Fanuc Power supply A06B-6087 and wondered what something is, or been in the process of working on a unit and just couldn’t remember which port is input and which is output? Now you don’t have to wonder.

Some people just don’t have the time to rummage through a 600-700 page manual to find the answers they are looking for, so we decided to put it together for you.


Using the image at the top of the page, we will break down each section by number:

1. DC Link Terminal Board:  DC Buss/Link connection

2. Status LED

3. CX1A (top left connector):  200VAC input connector, logic power input, single phase 200 VAC

CX1B (top right connector): 200VAC output connector

CX2A (bottom left connector): 24VDC output connector

CX2B (bottom right connector): 24VDC output connector

4. JX1B: Output connector for interface between modules- Power supply to drive communication

5. CX3MCC (left connector): connector for main power MCC control signal

CX4ESP (right connector): connector for esp signal, Emergency stop signal

S1/S2– Regeneration Phase switch (Factory set to S1), regen setting

6. Check Pin: Test Points

Detailed functions of check pin
IR : Waveform of R–phase input current
IS : Waveform of S–phase input current
+24V : +24V power supply
+5V : +5V power supply
0V : 0V

7. L1, L2, L3:  Terminal names for terminal block for motor power line- L1, L2, L3- High Voltage input, 3 phase 230 VAC  or 460 VAC Depending on the model

The two connections to the right of L1, L2, L3 are terminal block for motor power lines- Ground connections.


We hope that this tutorial will save you some time in troubleshooting or re-connecting your Fanuc Power Supply.  Repair Zone carries, exchanges and repairs many different series of Fanuc Power Supplies, check out our inventory to see if we have your unit now.  24/7 emergency service available.  To read more about our Fanuc repair capabilities, click on the appropriate link below:

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