Effects of Summer Heat on Industrial Electronics

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Summer heat combined with contamination is the #1 fatal consumer of the electronics that are brought in to Repair Zone through the months of June-September.  In the automation world, the heating up of industrial electronics is never a good thing.   As temperature increases, so does resistance, thus causing all kinds of problems.

Most components live in a cabinet with closed doors and safety interlocks.  We have seen in a lot of cases where the ambient temperature has reached 104°-108°F in a manufacturing setting, and inside the cabinets temperature has reached in upwards of 170°F. It is very crucial that the fans are working correctly and that the heat sinks are not clogged with contaminates or debris. The fans and heat sinks are a major part of an electronic components predetermined lifespan. If either of these two main components have been compromised you can expect the lifespan of your unit to be severely decreased.

As we mentioned, with cabinet temperatures sometimes exceeding 170°F it is very important that air circulator fans are in good operating conditions.  These are separate from the internal fans.  In a lot of cases circulator fans are used in conjunction with cabinet chillers to drop the internal temperature inside the cabinet.

Routine maintenance needs to be performed on all of these units.

  • Make sure all of your fans (internal, external, circulator, and chiller) are in good operating condition.
  • Be sure all heat sinks are clean of debris and contamination.
  • Check all air intakes and discharges to make sure filters are clean and airflow is not obstructed.
  • Regular maintenance on all AC units by thoroughly cleaning or replacing the filters clogged by by way of contamination will, in turn, keep your cabinets cooler, longer.
  • Making sure the cabinets are sealed correctly will keep the controls cleaner and less likely to fail.

Keep these simple tasks in mind and you will ensure a longer, healthy lifespan of your electronic components and an increase in uptime for your machine.

If you have an issue with a blown component or motor due to high heat, you can use a reputable repair facility, such as Repair Zone, to repair or replace your problem motor or drive or other part.

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