Recent movie release, "Blade Runner 2049" - The sequel to "Blade Runner", an influence of this blog.

The Machine Runner: Blade Runner 2049 Trivia Contest


Recent movie release, "Blade Runner 2049" - The sequel to "Blade Runner", an influence of this blog.

Recent movie release, “Blade Runner 2049” – The sequel to “Blade Runner”, an influence of this blog.

We here at ‘The Machine Runner’ (A Repair Zone Blog), are big fans of the original Blade Runner movie (It may have influenced the naming of our blog, shhhhhh!).  In commemorating the release of the sequel, Blade Runner 2049, we are running a trivia contest where you could be the winner of a $50 or $25 Amazon gift card, IF you can answer these 8 questions correctly about the original movie, Blade Runner:

1.  The chess game between Tyrell and Sebastian uses the conclusion of the most brilliant chess match ever.  What are the names of the two chess players in this ‘immortal match?”

2. Who was the first choice to play the role of Deckard?

Deckard (Harrison Ford) uses his Voigt-Kampff machine.

Deckard (Harrison Ford) uses his Voigt-Kampff machine.

3. What do Blade Runners test to determine if their subject is a replicant?

A. Metabolism
B. Blood
C. Emotional Response
D. Genetic Coding

4.  What kind of animal, an origami made of tinfoil, was left behind outside Deckard’s apartment by Gaff?

5.  Which replicant had implanted memories?

A. Pris
B. Roy
C. Rachael
D. Leon
E. All replicants

The industrial wasteland of 'Blade Runner'.

The industrial wasteland of ‘Blade Runner’.

6.  In the beginning of the movie we see these big fireballs (flares) shooting up out of pipe stack’s in the cityscape.  What is the technical term for these flares?  (Think: oil refineries)


7.  Two-part Question: Who helps Roy Batty get in to see Tyrell and what does Roy want from Tyrell?

Roy Meets his maker.

Roy Meets his maker.

8.  What is the slogan of the Tyrell Corporation?

Roy feels alive!

Roy feels alive!



*You can leave your answers in the comments section or email them to:

**The first to answer all 8 questions will get a $50 Amazon gift card.  (4) others will be drawn to win $25 gift cards.


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