New vs. Remanufactured


Although it is not the case, people naturally tend to perceive re-manufactured products as having a shorter life span, which prevents many from purchasing re-manufactured. When equipment is re-manufactured or refurbished to factory specs they cost less and work just as well as new equipment. A new replacement from an OEM is costly and can take several weeks. Ever asked an OEM for a quote or lead-time?

Re-manufacturing is a process that skilled technicians perform in order to restore a product to its like-new condition. When an item is re-manufactured at Repair Zone it goes through an extensive process of testing and any worn or damaged components are replaced, while any contaminates are properly cleaned and extracted from the unit.

Purchasing equipment that has been re-manufactured is also good for our environment and allows companies to become more environmentally friendly. When you purchase your equipment new the old one has to be discarded. Where does it go?  Waste is a growing problem worldwide and recycling efforts are taking off slowly.  Although Repair Zone safely discards all unusable units to another company, which then breaks them down and recycles all components, many industrial electronics are still being discarded into landfills.  These products can carry materials which are hazardous to your health.

Purchasing a re-manufactured unit can be a great alternative to buying a brand new one, but you must be careful who you purchase your unit from. If you find your model number in stock from a surplus carrier, be sure to check  their re-manufacturing process is up to standard.

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