Job Report #1-Fanuc Servo Spindle Motor Modification

spindle job 1

A customer shipped us this Fanuc Spindle Motor for repair and modification, to fit their application.  Jason, the lead Servo Technician at Repair Zone, had to fully disassemble and machine a keyway into the shaft.  Also, he had to machine the end bells and put new bearings on this unit.  Below is the pictorial of the process that took place, which included our machining center lending a hand.  (Above: Heating speed sensor ring for removal during disassembly)

spindle job 2                   spindle job 3

1.Jason heats up the speed sensor ring for removal.  2.Jason and Scott remove rotor assembly.

spindle job 4                  spindle job 5

  3.Greg lines up the Bridgeport end mill to make the cut.   4.Cutting the keyway on the shaft.

spindle job 6                  spindle job

5.Installation of rotor assembly back into stator.        6.Placing opposite drive endbell(machined).

spindle job 7                  spindle job 8

7.Speed sensor adjustment to match Fanuc spec.       8.Tightening fan assembly.

spindle job 9                  spindle job 10

9.Getting set-up to run test motor.             10.Run testing for 2 hours on Fanuc spindle test stand.

spindle job 11                  spindle job 12


11.The keyway cut perfectly to customers’ need.        12.Finished job, ready to ship to customer.

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