Job Report #3- Fanuc Spindle Power Supply

contaminated power supply

We received a Fanuc Spindle Power Supply Module for repair.  From the looks of it, this power supply seems un-repairable and should be thrown away due to the vast amount of contamination and debris.  It has been denigrated by its hostile environment; the cause can be as simple as a lack of maintenance and cleaning.  In some machines, however, cleaning is not possible.

The pictorial below follows Adam, a Fanuc repair specialist at Repair Zone, on his way through this sticky repair.  See if he can save this power supply, and the customer!

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Fanuc Repair

Adam begins by dismantling the plastic assembly.

Fanuc power supply repair

Plastic assembly removed; logic board can be seen.

Fanuc repair

Removing logic and side circuit boards.

Fanuc Spindle Power Supply Module

Dismounting DC bus connection.

Fanuc Power Supply Repair

Removing base driver board from IGBT/heat sink assembly.

Fanuc Repair

Removal of heavily contaminated fan.

Fanuc Power Supply Repair

Unit fully disassembled.

Fanuc Equipment Repair

Washing main driver board.

Fanuc Power Supply Repair

Decontaminating heat sink/cooling system.

Fanuc CNC Repair

Washing output signal board.

Fanuc Repair

Drying components in our electronics bake oven to remove all moisture.

Fanuc component install

Adam prepares for component install.

Fanuc board repair

Installing opto couplers on output board.

Fanuc Power supply Repair

Installing new capacitors on base driver board.

Fanuc fan replacement

Installing new high-voltage fan assembly.

Fanuc low-voltage fan installation

Installing new low-voltage fan assembly.

Fanuc Power Supply Repair

Re-installing base driver board into IGBT assembly.

Fanuc Repair Service

Re-labeling for replacement doors.

Fanuc Logic Board

Re-installing logic board onto base driver board.

Fanuc Power Supply Assembly

Re-installing main plastic, shroud-housing.

Fanuc Spindle Power Supply

Replacing all output/input terminal screws.

Fanuc Power Supply Repair

Adam prepares to mount on simulated Fanuc system.

Fanuc system testing

Connecting on input/output terminals prior to running.

Fanuc Power Supply Repair Service

Fanuc power supply runs perfectly; repair is complete.

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