Indramat power supply DIAX04

Recent Job Report #5 – Indramat HVR Power Supply Repair- DIAX04 Series

Today, we have an Indramat HVR02.2-W010N power supply in for repair. After a static check, we connect power to the unit to confirm the fault. It is then disassembled; and taken to our wash-down area for a full cleaning and bake, before we begin the repair. This unit came from a parts manufacturer in Detroit and experienced a voltage spike which burned up incoming line voltage.  The pictorial below follows Adam, an Indramat servo electronics specialist, fully rebuild this back to OEM spec and full run test on Indramat Servo module.


Indramat HVR

Documenting and recording all connections.

Indramat Power supply

Evaluating damage from voltage spike.

Indramat HVR Power Supply

Disassembled Unit.

Indramat Power Supply Repair

Unit broken down and ready for cleaning.

Indramat HVR Repair

Logic/CPU board.

Indramat Repair

Replacement IGBT’s

Indramat Power Supply Repair

Pre-wash by hand.

Indramat power supply repair

Pre-wash power supply module.

Indramat servo repair

Degreasing Main/CPU board before wash.

Indramat repair

Placing all parts in dryer.

Indramat power supply repair

Power supply board, logic board – Preventative Maintenance replacement.

Indramat DIAX04 repair

Trace repair from voltage spike.

Indramat repair

Re-assembling unit; installing contactor switches.

Indramat HVR Power Supply

Re-insert IGBT board and buse bars.

Indramat DIAX04 repair

Re-wiring logic board.

Indramat HVR repair

Unit reassembled; awaiting QC inspection.

Indramat HVR DIAX04 repair

Loading run-profile to run test on DIAX04 test module.

Do you have a servo or spindle Indramat power supply that needs repair service?  Repair Zone performs this type of repair on AC power supplies from CNC machines and other machine applications.  Knowledge of the servo system including the drive and motor is necessary to completely rebuild a power supply.  The ability to fully test these units with a drive and motor to determine the success of the repair is paramount to returning to customer in working order.  The preventative replacement done to each unit gives it extended longevity and up time for your machine.

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