Remanufacturing: An Answer to Global Warming

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The process of remanufacturing automotive products conserves energy in the amount of trillions of Btu’s each year. In addition, remanufacturing can greatly mitigate the amount of carbon dioxide expelled into the air known as “greenhouse gas” emissions. The remanufacturing of durable goods including automotive parts is equivalent to about 3% of the sales of original equipment manufacturers. Yet, the effect of this conservation is noteworthy and extremely important to the environment by reducing the rate of global warming.

To describe global warming or the greenhouse effect in very easy terms, understand that carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, ozone and various fluorocarbons are considered greenhouse gases. They are present everywhere in the atmosphere and like glass, they are somewhat transparent to the high intensity radiation of the rays of the sun. That is, the gases allow transmission of the short wavelength of the sun’s energy to the earth’s surface. These gases, however, are opaque to low intensity energy re-radiated from the Earth and they absorb the longer wavelength room temperature radiation. That’s the greenhouse effect.



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