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contaminates on drives

The Repair Zone team was curious of the quality of services provided by other companies compared to the quality we provide here at Repair Zone. We recently sent out a Fanuc Amplifier for repair to one of our top competitors. Included with the  return of our Fanuc Amplifier was a detailed repair work report.

They Listed:

  • 19 capacitors replaced
  • unit cleaned
  • fuse replaced
  • integrated circuit

Repair Zone Specialists reviewed and checked the equipment and found:

  • The 19 capacitors were not replaced. The Amplifier does not even have 19 capacitors to be replaced.
  • The Unit was not cleaned well, many harmful contaminants still remained in the interior of the amplifier.
  • They claimed to have replaced the fuse, and integrated the circuit but these items were not on the parts list of items changed.
  • Drive board was not refurbished
  • Opto-couplers and capacitors are known problems and were not replaced, which is a standard replacement at Repair Zone.
  • Buss capacitor was domed, indicating abuse or aging and soon failure, but it remained in the equipment.
  • No replacement of the door or jumpers, which are also standard replacements at Repair Zone.

Repair Zone strives to correct current issues as well as complete a full preventative maintenance by replacing any aged or worn components that may cause failure of your equipment in the future.

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