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Servo Equipment

Find the Servo Equipment Imposter

To celebrate the launch of the Machine Runner Blog, we’re running a contest. Get your detective hat on, and if you’re right, get a Repair Zone “Mini” LED Mag Flashlight.

Below is a list of servo manufacturers paired with servo equipment types. But not all are correct! There’s one imposter.

Spot the manufacturer that is incorrectly paired with a type of servo equipment they produce, and leave a comment with your answer.

If you are correct, we’ll send you a “Mini” LED Mag Flashlight to ward off the ghouls and goblins this Halloween.

Which one is the Imposter?

A. Allen Bradley Drives
B. Xycom Servo Motors
C. Siemens Power Supply
D. Modicon Controllers
E. Heidenhain Linear Scales
F. Kollmorgen Servo Motors
G. Mitsubishi Servo Amplifiers
H. Sick Sensors
I. Pacific Scientific Servo Motors
J. Advantech Monitors

Did you spot the imposter? Leave it in a comment below and win a “Mini” LED Mag Flashlight today.

Note: Only one entry per person. While supplies last.

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  1. B – Xycom makes operator interfaces, not servo”s

  2. xycom servo motors…they make drives not motors

  3. Thank you to all who participated in the Spot the Imposter Contest!

    Congatulations to Brad Berg, Fred Cadwell, Scott, and Mike who answered our post correctly!

    The contest is now closed.

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