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Top 5 Error Codes for Indramat Diax04 – HDS Drives: Descriptions and Solutions

Error codes are flashed when there is an issue with your Indramat HDS (Diaxo4) drive.  Error codes are usually 4 digit codes beginning with an E or F.  The following are the most common error codes seen on a faulty Indramat HDS drive, found on Eco-Drives as well:

Indramat HDS drive error codes and repair

Indramat HDS drive system will flash an error code when not working correctly.

#1  Code F208/UL

Description: If a servo motor or a different drive has been changed out for the original unit in the loop, due to troubleshooting or an upgrade.

Solution: This is fairly simple.  After powering up and code is registered, hitting reset on the drive and power supply, then cycle power and unit should be functional.  


#2  Code F226

Description:  Under voltage in Power section. There are several possible reasons that this might happen. One is that the power source has been interrupted without turning off the drive enable signal first.  Secondly, the drive monitors the voltage of the DC bus.  If the voltage drops below the benchmark level, the drive shuts down. Another common occurrence is when you have a spike in voltage involving the power supply due to sudden power demands elsewhere.  Also, when you take out a line fuse or trip a main breaker.  Finally, turning on the drive without a power source can create the same effect.  When the power source activated, you may see the error code.

Solution:  Remove the control enable signal. Make sure the power supply is as stable as possible. This should solve the problem.  If not, check all fuses and connectors powering unit.  If all voltages are present, most likely time to service the unit.


#3  Code F360

Description:  Overcurrent.  This could pertain to the power supply or drive outputs being faulty or in complete failure.  It could be a multitude of reasons: heat, weak board, components, hard run-times, etc.

Solution:  Check your motor and load; make sure no binding or any kind of seizure.  Most likely outputs have failed and drive unit will need to be serviced.


#4  Code F318

Description:  Over Temperature Fault.  A common occurrence due to A/C  or air flow system in cabinet has failed causing a significant rise in temperature which damages the internal controls and electronics.  Secondly, your IGBT’s are failing or not firing efficiently causing an overheat.

Solution:  The servicing of the cooling system of the cabinet is the first task and making sure there are no restrictions in the airflow and air conditioning unit is cleaned and serviced.  Next, the inspection of cooling system on the drive, if in a harsh environment where contaminants are present, the unit will need to be serviced/cleaned/tested.


#5  Code F861

Description:  Overcurrent.  Drive outputs failed due to increased load or premature aging of components

Solution:  This is a direct recommendation for refurbishment.  Unit has failed and will need to be rebuilt.  Most likely increased load, heat failed board components, or a combination of multiple issues have caused premature failure and need to be serviced by an expert repair provider.  No quick fix in this scenario.

Indramat HDS drive repair

Indramat HDS drive disassembled to find failed components and other issues.

VIDEO: Indramat DIAX04 Series HDS Servo Drive Repair HDS032W075N

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