What do you see? Identify the Servo Component and Win!


Identify the Servo Component

Here is another puzzle for you! First person who leaves the correct answer in our comment section wins a $15 Amazon Gift Card. Every person who submits a correct answer will receive a Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlight.

Leave us your answer in the comment section with the manufacturer and type of servo equipment. Choose your answer from the selections below (e.g. Answer: 1. Allen Bradley, E. Servo Controller).

1. Allen Bradley A. Servo Amplifier
2. Fanuc B. Servo Controller
3. Indramat C. Servo Motor
4. Xycom D. Servo Drive
5. Siemens E. Servo Power Supply




Hurry and be the first person to leave the correct comment and win a $15 Amazon Gift Card and a Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlight. If you are not the first, you still get a Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlight!

We will contact you through your email for your address information to send you your prize.

Note: Only one entry per person. Repair Zone Mini Mag Flashlights for every correct answer while supplies last.

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  1. Please make sure that Jade & Bobby P. see this……ready?……..it”s the back of my Beta VCR that”s been blinking 12:00 on the display since like, 1981…..that”s it right? A Sony?

  2. Sorry Glenn, not a Sony. But good guess. Thanks for playing!

  3. what i am see is a chasis mount fuse holder and led indicator

  4. Thanks for your response Roel, but it is not a Fanuc servo controller. Good day to you.

    • Sorry, but that is not the right answer. Good try. It is actually an Allen Bradley 8520-PS1 Power Supply. It is part of the obsolete 9-series system.

      Thank you for playing.

      Jade York

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