Fanuc servo motor repair

When it is Necessary to Seal Your Fanuc Servo Motor

In Manufacturing, and in particular, the Machine Tool industry, the environment inside a machine is usually very extreme.   A CNC machine uses cutting fluids and other lubricants to aid in the ‘cutting’ of steel in the shaping of a part.  These fluids, mixed with metal shavings and other solids, causes excessive servo motor failure.  This combination of contaminates breaks down the bearings inside the motor, damages the shaft and the stator, wreck havoc on the seals, which then will suck fluid and lubricant into the stator (as pictured above).  You can follow the procedure below, as our technician Scott, performs the sealing after a repair.

Fanuc servo motor

Fanuc motor to be sealed.

Fanuc servo motor

Buffing the stator to bring it down to metal.

Fanuc A06B servo motor

Stripped motor ready to be sealed.

Spraying on base clear coat.

Spraying on base primer coat.

Sealing a Fanuc servo motor

Measuring the 2 part epoxy that is the sealing coating.

Sealing a Fanuc servo motor

Brushing on the sealant epoxy coating.

Sealing a Fanuc servo motor during repair

Applying the epoxy sealant quickly as it dries and hardens fast.

Scott inspects his work to make sure it is evenly sealed.

Scott inspects his work to make sure it is evenly sealed.

If you have a servo motor that has repeated failure, you should look at the environment it is in and decide if sealing the motor would be beneficial.  It is a value-added procedure in addition to a standard repair so there is an added cost to doing so.  To discuss this further with a Repair Zone Representative, call (989)922-0043.



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